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Meet the Team


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  • Maureen McLean
    Maureen McLean Manager
  • Adelaida Towe
    Adelaida Towe Financial Manager
  • Sara Jones
    Sara Jones Physician


  • Jennifer J. Cai
    Jennifer J. Cai Nurse Practitioner
  • Paulette Darling
    Paulette Darling Nurse Practitioner
  • Annie Hui
    Annie Hui Nurse Practitioner
  • Camille Coleman
    Camille Coleman Medical Assistant
  • Cheryl A. Votaw
    Cheryl A. Votaw Medical Assistant
  • Lawanda Goebel
    Lawanda Goebel Aesthetician
  • Jesse Crowder
    Jesse Crowder Accountant
  • Marcia W. Little
    Marcia W. Little Massage Therapist
  • Scott I. Rey
    Scott I. Rey Branch Manager
  • Vivian B. Torres
    Vivian B. Torres Respresentative