Stem Cell Therapy in Charlotte, NC

Stem cell treatment is an alternative treatment alternative for knee pain relief. Knee joint replacement is actually another long-term surgical procedure. Knee joint replacement also is a really slow methodical recovery of the joint’s function taking long amounts of time. Knee joint degeneration also is a slow degeneration process which demands careful, slow treatment to heal.

Why Choose Stem Cells?

Stem cells are observed in our body naturally. They perform many important functions within the body but occasionally they have damaged or injured causing discomfort and pain. There are lots of forms of stem cell treatment utilized for knee replacement and other health therapies. The most famous of these would be monoclonal gammopathy where liquid collagen is inserted into a joint to promote formation of new cartilage. It has been successful in several clinical trials and doesn’t have any significant side effects so far. However, it may not be successful as a remedy for osteoarthritis because such degenerative disorders are genetically determined. Another type of stem cell therapy utilizes fat shots to promote growth of new cartilage at a joint venture. This sort of therapy is used in some cases as an alternate to grafting fresh joint cartilage. This is also referred to as compartment syndrome in which a tiny amount of fat is injected into a joint which requires rebuilding. This type of injection will help in the production of cells and assists with joint pain relief. The process is usually carried out on a few places at a time.

Charlotte Stem Cell Clinics

There are lots of clinics where you can receive stem cell therapy in Charlotte. It is possible to start looking into these clinics to learn more about the things they provide and how powerful the procedure might be to you. There are clinics, such as regenerative medicine Charlotte NC, devoted to specializing in stem cells, including pediatrics, cardiovascular disease and orthopedics, liver, kidney and pancreas, as well as many others. Most clinics provide you the same levels of services but some specialize in a specific area so make certain to inquire about what services they provide before you make an appointment.

Stem cells can be used for curing many different bodily conditions. If you have joints that aggravation or are painful then you need to consider stem cell treatment. Many individuals have seen astounding results after stem cell treatment. But, it is necessary to not forget this is not a treatment for total knee replacement. If you suffer from gout or arthritis then please consult with your doctor before attempting stem cells for treatment. Stem cells can be used for healing several physiological conditions; nevertheless they’re not intended for use in replacement of lost bones, tendons, bones, ligaments or muscles.