Is Regenerative Medicine Right for You?

Stem cell therapy, sometimes referred to in a discussion on regenerative medicine, encourages the natural repair response of injured, diseased or dysfunctional tissue with stem cells or their modified derivatives. It’s the next step in organ transplation and utilizes adult stem cells rather than donor organs, which are typically limited in number. This treatment can be used for treating any organ system; however, it is especially effective in lung, heart, abdominal, eye, pancreas, liver, kidney, throat and oral cancers. It can also help people with chronic disorders that involve the immune system like psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn’s disease.

Stem Cells

Stem cells derived from umbilical cords are particularly helpful for treating diseases with a family origin like leukemia, lymphoma, bone marrow and myeloid leukemia. Other stem cell therapy products include pellets made of stem cells taken from fetal calves, adult bone marrow cells, adult stem cells derived from donated blood, and umbilical cord plasma. Reshaping the human body by introducing new cells takes time, and regenerative medicine offers the prospect of hastened arrival at a state of health that would be more acceptable to daily life. Many diseases today could be treated with stem cells derived from patients themselves. The potential applications are practically endless, although a few have been touched in the past with the development of transplants such as coronary artery disease, sickle cell disease, and renal cell cancer.

Medical Research on Regenerative Medicine

Although medical scientists are still uncertain about the exact benefits of stem cell therapy in humans, they’re hopeful that research will lead to better solutions to age-related ailments. For now, the use of donor cells has provided many with the chance to live a fuller life. With more testing still required to determine the effects of regenerative medicine on humans, some believe giving a patient an option to receive standard care and using stem cell therapy may be the most pragmatic way forward. Patients may decide to receive the transplant based on their own wishes or because of the perceived benefits of doing so. As we learn more about stem cell therapy, you can continue to see amazing results from patients who visit regenerative medicine Charlotte NC.